Although the light

Shining in my eyes

Warms me to the core

I’ll thank you

To leave me in my cocoon

Because, very much akin to

Slowly shattering glass

Trying to restrain a tide

While looking held together

It is the only layer

Keeping me together


I fight to find the words

To tell you what this really is

And you’d think

That with the many ways

I play around with verse

This would be a simple thing

Yet you come up

And logic flies away

My tongue sticks

My brain stalls

I must’ve tried a hundred times

To adequately explain

What this really is

I’ve come close

Maybe five of those

And should it take another hundred tries

A thousand, a million

I’ll keep going

For you must know

The written words that say

What I usually cannot


I would fill glass bottles

To the brim with fire crackers

Watch them shatter

Review it in slow motion

So I may have some sort of comparison

For how my heart is threatening to break

Darkness bubbles

Burbles like witch’s brew

Wicked poison frothing

Into a white room

Like a cancer

I try to fight

The knives piercing

Deeply into my brain


It feels as though it takes an hour

To climb upon the scaly back

A purple band rings the throat

Just half an arm’s length away

With great trepidation

She runs her thumb lightly across

Freezing as the wings extend

A quizzical hum

Emitting from the creature’s maw

Slight pressure applied

On either side of the neck

She leans one way or another

Palms pressed in the middle

And they leave the ground behind

The valley she first entered

With such a hammering heart

And steadfast stride

Falls quickly away behind them

The miles of forested mountain

And flat, waving prairie

That took her weeks to cross

Disappear in seconds

Zooming up on the horizon

The only home she’s known

Overly excited to finally return

Leaning too far to one side

To gaze upon her castle

Suddenly the air is open

She’s facing the ground

A roar pierces the sky

But there is no air in her lungs

To holler a reply

Her speed would steal her sound regardless

As she’s plummeting towards the city wall

She played upon in another life

The one before she had to save

All that remained of her inheritance

The screams below begin

As she picks out the baker’s

The captain’s house, the dress maker’s storehouse

All drawing up much too fast

Peering back up, she’s startled

To see the beast diving

Chasing after her

Too late, too late!

The champion smashes

Crashes, shatters the wall

She feels the kneecaps go

Blooming into dust

A single scream pierces her ears

A crack and all is dark


Not sure whether or not

I find it kind of funny

Or I find it kind of sad

That my hero instincts

Are tied so closely to

My flooding, flailing insecurities

How could I have fixed this?

What did I do wrong?

What could I have done better?

How can I prevent this next time

If there is a next time?

That force within me

Urging me to run in

Trumpets sounding

Sword drawn

Like the Rohirrim

At the fields of Pelennor

It has sticky tendrils

Wrapped around my heart

Tugging on my courage

Inflating my fear

Playing on my doubts

Strangling my love

Dragging me into despair

I once read of someone

With a “love for playing the hero”

Yet also a clamoring need

To make some sort of amends

For the guilt lacing my soul


We come into the world

With only our own screams

So why do we build up possessions

That we cannot take with us

When it is our time to depart?


Writing about metaphors

Like putting deathsticks

Between your teeth

And never giving it the power to kill you

Trying to explain the many ways

You have died

And died again

How you have flown

Above the clouds

Amongst the stars

And burned to ash

Burned down cities

Burned in the flames of Beltane

Until the morning light

Sword drawn

Banner flying

Never fleeing

Or retreating

From bloodstained battlefields

The spoils of half consumed meals

Rotting like waste

On empty banquet tables

Such images come quick & fresh to mind

Yet the descriptions that are apt

Run far into valleys and canyons

Demanding a quest of your own to find them


May you have integrity

May you be intelligent

In so many ways

May the stars shine bright upon you

Filling you with wonder

May you find

The beauty of the dawn

And the curiosity inspired

In the depth of twilight


Gnashing teeth in the night

Snap inches from my face

Rocks fill my belly

Like emeralds in an hourglass

While a clawed hand reaches up

Up into my throat

Begins to grow

Choking me, muting me

Tearing through my neck

As the teeth capture my flesh

Keeping me from screaming


It is upon me once again

This dragging weight, this anchor

Weighing on my heart

Trying to slow down time

It all is bittersweet

Like bread & butter pickles

Beautiful, inspiring

Yet so different

So crushingly upsetting

It is not a full farewell

Merely a change in my life

I feel as if I’m uprooted

To be repotted elsewhere


How dare I be so blessed

As if I could control it

For it is not from us

That blessing flows

I act only as a vassal

As I am instructed & able


I love you like the wind blows

Softly, sometimes, a whisper on your cheek

Fiercely, otherwise, swirling all around you

Coating you in dust


You may wonder

What causes such a thing

As a poet

The answer to which

Is quite simple, really

The way the wind tousles my sister’s golden curls

The trapped feeling I sometimes get

Even in the middle of nowhere

My best friend’s glimmering smile

When she sees the love of her life

The echo of my mother’s hairline

And a hint of the color of her eyes

Every time I look in the mirror

Crunching gravel beneath my feet

As I walk along old tracks

Responding to the groaning

Of the nearby train

The exhilaration in a frozen moment

Just after my feet have left a cliff

Hoping I will land correctly

On the target rock before me

Cold & stinging rain

Washing so much away

As I’m running through it

Laughing at the night sky

The laugh of the man I love

At something ridiculous I’ve done

And the whipping of my hair

As we drive a bit too fast

On some other adventure

An oddly shaped cloud

On a certain day

Sunlight, shimmering

Amongst the waves

Winds whispering over mountaintops

Fires scorching in my dreams

Incomprehensible, undeserved grace & blessings

Appreciation for my beating heart

And flowing blood

For being pulled back

From the Oblivion Cliff

The driving desire

To kill a pen

To spill it’s blood upon my pages

Forming the jumble of my thoughts

Into something striving

To make a bit of sense

So, my comrades

My attentive audience

In answer to your query

A poet is confusion

A poet is feeling

Threatening to burst forth

Like a broken dam

Writing themselves into overflow canals


Flying so high

In unbroken blue

Holding onto the last bits of freedom

As I am so afraid of falling

Descending back into those chains

Those chains that bind me so

So tightly in a prison I built myself

I’m terrified to crash

As I’ll fall so far

And the only way up

Is to fly once more


Why have I not watched Australia before now??